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Shuswap Community Foundation

Grant Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines (printable format - pdf) carefully
before filling out the online Grant Application form.

To view our How To Guide on applying for SCF Grants online, please click here. 

To apply for one of our grants online, please visit out Grant Application Area.


 Example Grant Application

Please note: A Letter of Intent must be submitted before you complete a Grant Application.

1. For your project to qualify for a grant, your Society must:

  • Operate within the boundaries of the Shuswap area of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District.
  • Be a registered charity (i.e., have a CRA number: BN---- -----RR000--)
  • A non- profit group seeking funding without a registered charity number can only apply through a Registered Charity with which they have a formalized partnership (Project Partnership Agreement), a history of collaboration, and a similar mission and vision. The grant application must be submitted by the Registered Charity.

2. Your project must contribute to the well-being of residents of the Shuswap in the following grant categories: 

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Cultural Activities
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Heritage (land or buildings of historic or environmental significance)
  • Safety
  • Social programs (including from our Vital Signs Report: Belonging and Leadership, Gap Between Rich and Poor, Housing, and Work)

3. The Foundation will not support projects of a partisan, religious or political nature.


4. The Foundation does not normally fund ongoing operations. Grants are intended to be one time and should support projects that can be completed and evaluated within a reasonable period. For capital projects, the Foundation reserves the right to approve the project, but not advance funds until invoices are received and confirmation of other funding sources has been received.


5. The Foundation will not fund projects already underway.


6. Grant funds may not be used to retire debt.


7. An email or Letter of Intent to apply for funding is required before submitting an application. Please complete our simple online Letter of Intent form before December 31st (Spring Cycle) or May 15th (Summer Cycle).


8. A completed grant application form should be posted online no later than January 31st (Spring Cycle) or June 15th (Summer Cycle). 
Grants will be disbursed in August for the June 15 grant intake deadline. Grants will be disbursed in March for the January 31st grant intake deadline.
9. A Grant Agreement letter must be signed by individuals with signing authority within your Society before the grant monies will be disbursed. Please see sample of the Grant Agreement letter here.

The following MUST be included with your Grant Application:

A Registered Charity requesting funds:

  • Sign up for online grant application account.
  • Proof of eligible CRA # (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/lstngs/menu-eng.html)
  • Financial Statements for last complete year (from accountant)
  • Board of Directors with contact information (Phone #’s and email addresses)
  • Annual Budget
  • Project Budget for which you are requesting funding
  • Supporting Documents and/or Contractors Quote

A Non-Profit Group with a Host Registered Charity requesting funds:

(Grant application must be submitted by Registered Charity)

  • All of the above for the Host Registered Charity AND for the non-profit group the following:
  • Project Partnership Agreement with the Host Registered Charity
  • Current complete financial statements
  • Annual Budget
  • Supporting Documents and/or Contractors Quote
  • Board of Directors with contact information (Phone #’s and email addresses) 

9. A Project Evaluation Report must be submitted to the Foundation by December 31st (Spring Cycle) or May 15th (Summer Cycle) of the following year for the Society to be eligible for future grants.


If you have any questions about your project's eligibility, please contact the Foundation.

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