Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants

Small Things Can Have a Big Impact

The Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants (R-NSG) is a new grant stream created to support small scale community projects from across the province that comply to the new social/physical distancing guidelines in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The purpose of R-NSG is to support creative projects by individuals that:

  • build community strength and resilience,
  • foster community creativity and well being, and
  • alleviate social isolation.

Our grants range from $50 to $350. A grant is money we give you to help you bring your project to life. You must apply for the grant, but you do not need to pay the money back.

Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) is guided by the following principles:

  • Everyone has gifts: Anyone can offer their ideas, talents, skills, experiences and contacts to build a strong community
  • Small is powerful: Small amounts of money have a potential to bring powerful changes in community in forms of new relationships, increased self-confidence, leadership development, stronger sense of place and creation of local traditions
  • Local decisions are best: Community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences get an opportunity to make decisions on who should get the grants in their community
  • Where we live matters: the grants enable anyone to team up with their neighbour and come up with a project that they can carry out within an area of where they live and based on what they think works best in their community
  • We learn together: There is no single right way to build community so anyone involved in the program will have many opportunities to learn, share, reflect, exchange and capture knowledge, skills and information that they can use within and beyond the program
  • Everyone is invited: The program is accessible and inclusive to anyone living in an NSG area no matter their age, ethnicity, income, cultural background, gender, ability and sexual orientation

Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants FAQ

Who can apply?

  • Grants of up to $350 will be available to residents of the Shuswap region to carry out small community building projects that comply to the public health requirements of social/physical distancing
  • Projects can ONLY be carried out by individuals and/or family members from the same household
  • Projects must take place from/close to your own home in order to accommodate the self-isolation public health requirements
  • Projects that bring any number of people for face to face interactions are NOT eligible
  • Registered charity organizations and businesses are not eligible to apply and such requests can be directed to the Community Response Fund
  • Service delivery and emergency relief programs supporting low-income and other vulnerable people are out of the scope of NSG. Such requests will need to be directed to the Community Response Fund:

What are the eligible projects?

  • Projects that can ease social isolation of vulnerable people with physical distancing in mind are eligible
    Example: Dropping off care packages of dry goods to elderly or other vulnerable people from safe distance
  • Projects that use, share and exchange local assets/gifts using online platforms such as (ZOOM, FaceTime, Skype) are eligible.
    Example: Arts and culture workshops, cooking demonstrations, storytelling or yoga and meditation sessions
  • Projects about health and wellness information are eligible.
  • Projects involving psychotherapy and counselling support are NOT eligible.

What additional information do you need to know about the Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants?

  • Your project must be free to attend and participate in. We encourage applications for projects that are accessible to people with disabilities and inclusive of all people.
  • You may not fundraise for other projects and/or organizations. However, we encourage you to seek donations or gifts in kind from local businesses to help support your project.
  • You can apply for one NSG project at a time and as soon as you complete your project and upon the submission of your project story to your local Coordinator, you can reapply for another grant.
  • You must begin your project after the grant decision is made. Projects are not supported retroactively.
  • While some projects may continue year-round, it is expected that your R-NSG grant money is spent by November 30, 2020.

What do you need to think about when you are estimating your project costs?

  • Grant requests for projects are expected to be under $500. However, applications that offer unique and creative ways of meeting the Responsive NSG purposes may be considered for additional funding.
  • Grant money may be used to pay people for services (also called honorariums) to help with the project. An honorarium is a small fee paid to someone for their in-kind skills or knowledge contributions. Examples: an artist sharing skills and talent.
  • Total honorarium(s) may not be more than $350 per project. The final honorarium amount for the project is at the discretion of the Neighbourhood Grants Committee (NGC) that reviews grant applications.
  • Applicants are eligible to receive an honorarium for sharing their skills and talents through online workshop formats.

What do you do after you receive the grant money?

  • To inspire other people to do similar projects, please write a short summary and document your project with photos, videos or by writing a short summary and share them with your local NSG Coordinator as soon as you are done with your project.
  • Once you submit your project story, you are eligible to apply for another grant.
  • Shuswap Community Foundation and Vancouver Foundation should be acknowledged by displaying appropriate logos on your project promotional materials.

Manual Applications

While online grant applications are preferred and will ensure that all the information we require is received and processed accurately, SCF still accepts “manual” applications. All required documents may be emailed to us at

If you are unable to complete the applications online, there may be a delay in the processing of your application.

Step 1. Download a copy of our R-NSG Criteria and R-NSG Application Form.

Step 2. Read the Criteria, complete the Application Form, and email it to us.

Step 3. Await the results.

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Brought to you by the 191 Community Foundations of Canada
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