Enid Finn – 1910 to 1997

This photograph of Enid M Finn shows the last role that she trained for in her life; which was an Anglican priest to Serve Sorrento, Celista, Chase and Eagle Bay. She was ordained in her 70s.

In addition to her responsibilities to preach, baptize, marry and bury, she found time to organize a Hospice Society, and to develop another community choral group– this time in Sorrento.

Enid had already created fine choirs in Kamloops and Chase. As well, she taught piano and vocal music privately for many years, both at her various studios and local homes in the Monte Lake area and the Adams Lake mill site. Often, she had to waive fees, at least for a time. Most paid eventually, but when talented students had no money, she simply did not charge. So many students returned as adults to thank Enid for her support (and her largesse)!

Enid’s musical talents were predominant among the many skills she acquired from her English parents. For example: Her father was the church organist in Armstrong, and her mother and father organized the local library there as well as the Sunday school by mail.

If a thing interested Enid, she would become proficient at it. In her younger years, she learned trick riding on horses, and judged at horse shows. She began a secretarial service in the Okanagan; kept records for her husband’s electrical contracting business; pruned fruit trees; and even taught high school in North Kamloops. She was almost always able to find fun and her excitement in her activities.

From her childhood years in Saskatchewan, including boarding school, Enid moved with her parents and her brother to a valley on Silver Star Mountain (before it was a ski resort), then to Armstrong. In the 1930s she married and became the mother of three. After many moves demanded by her husband’s work, the family finally found Kamloops and the Shuswap area.

Ever optimistic, an inspiration to all who knew her, Enid gave unstintingly to her community. She was honoured in return by having the Enid Finn Memorial Fund set up after her death. Earnings on the fund support music, especially in the South Shuswap area. It would have pleased her to know that her name will be attached forever to the activities and the area she loved.