The five Peterson brothers and their father formed a company called “Peterson Brothers Salmon Arm Ltd.” to run the orchards. The two older brothers, Hubert and Elmer, had also formed a separate partner-ship to operate bulldozers for building logging roads and snow ploughing roads for the District of Salmon Arm. Floyd says they had to plough sometimes on a 24-hour basis to clear snow from roads at Canoe to Kault Hill, the Industrial Park to Silver Creek.

When asked how a family could work together successfully, Floyd says, they treated the company as a business and always billed each other for work done through the company. “Oh sure,” he remarks, “We had disputes but still talked to each other.”

Hjalmar and Hubert were Founders of the Shuswap Foundation; Floyd, and wife Barbara later established the Peterson Family Endowment Fund in support of the Salmon Arm Museum and Archives Association.