Youth Philanthropy Advisory Committee

Engaging Today’s Youth

SCF is taking the lead in encouraging youth to become involved and empowering them to add their voice and opinions to make a difference in our community.

About YPAC

The Youth Philanthropy Advisory Committee (YPAC) is a group of youth between the ages of 13-21. They are teenagers and young adults who are passionate about contributing to, and inspiring change in their community.

How does YPAC support?

YPAC grants out money to youth centered projects in the community of Salmon Arm and surrounding areas.

During the last grant cycle, they granted money to LASS for the ‘Summer Slide Program’ and the ‘Books Under the Tree program’ at Christmas.

They also advise the Shuswap Community Foundation Board on different projects for youth.

YPAC Projects

This past year YPAC had the opportunity to work with the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge and grant out money to youth projects in our community.

These were the projects that were selected:

  • Shuswap Future Launch Youth Leadership day
  • Mirella Project Indigenous Cultural Program

Both were amazing ideas that the youth in our community came up with! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 both these projects had to be postponed to next year.

Volunteer in the Community

Besides granting out money to youth centered projects, YPAC also volunteers in the community.

They have volunteered at Multicultural day and are going to be volunteering at Downtown Salmon Arm events this upcoming summer (2020).

YPAC Committee Members


Mikayla is fifteen years old and attends Salmon Arm Secondary Jackson Campus. She enjoys getting outside with her family, exploring nature, traveling, and playing sports. Mikayla joined YPAC because she has grown up watching her mom be very active in the community and she wanted her own chance to make change and help the youth in her community.


Seb is 16 years old and attends Salmon Arm Secondary Sullivan Campus. Seb loves to be involved in everything. The main Activities that he partakes in our skiing, biking and volunteering. Seb loves being involved in the community and tries to help wherever he can. As he becomes older, he would like to have a career in education. Family is the most important thing to Seb and he is very fortunate to be close with his family.


Kate is sixteen years old. She became a member of YPAC in 9th grade and has been a part of other leadership committees since she was in grade 5. Kate is currently in grade 11 at SAS Sullivan and plays basketball and volleyball year-round.


Ava is 16 years old and attends Salmon Arm Secondary Sullivan campus. In her free time, she loves to dance at Shuswap Dance Centre. Ava has been dancing for 10 years and dancing competitively since 2016. She also really enjoys travelling. Ava joined YPAC in 2018 after Paige Hilland gave a presentation in front of her leadership class. Paige’s presentation spoke to Ava because Paige talked about making real change in the community. Ava has always been interested in helping the community and YPAC gave her the chance to share her opinions with the Shuswap Community Foundation.


Caillie is 15 years old and attends Salmon Arm Secondary Jackson Campus. Caillie plays soccer for the Thompson Okanagan Football Club year-round and does track and field, volleyball and is a member of the ski team at school. She is also an avid runner and will be running her second half marathon this summer (virtually of course).  Aside from sports, Caillie can be found hiking, reading or paddle boarding. Caillie joined YPAC because she loves volunteering and wants to help make the community of Salmon Arm the best it can be. Also, because she loves working with others.

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