Giving and Philanthropy

What Are You Passionate About?

Lifting children out of poverty? Protecting our environment? Helping arts and culture flourish in our community? No matter your passion, let us help guide and inspire your charitable giving.

Why Donate?

The Foundation provides a means for interested donors to support specific charities, fields of interest, specific geographic areas, scholarships or the general welfare of our community – forever. A memorial tribute gift to the Foundation not only honours the loved one, but can support their causes annually.

Many individuals and families establish funds with a community foundation at no cost, with a minimal fee maintenance alternative to a private foundation.

Donations to the Shuswap Foundation are held in a permanent capital fund, the earnings on which support projects in the Shuswap year after year. All donors are recognized in the reports and records of the Foundation unless they request anonymity.

The Foundation employs the services of an investment management firm to manage the fund, which has now reached the $7 million mark.

Ways to Give

Why Work With Us?

Choosing where to invest your charitable dollars is personal. It’s a reflection of your values. We are committed to help you make the right choices for you, your family, and your community. Your philanthropy matters and our expert team will work with you in these areas to make the most of it:

Your aspirations. We have worked with hundreds of individuals, families and organizations to achieve results today and chart a course for future outcomes.

Our community knowledge. We use a combination of research and frontline experience to help you focus on the right organizations and the right projects at the right time to optimize your philanthropic impact.

Building a better Shuswap. Guided by our Vital Signs Report we work hand-in-hand with leaders across sectors on major initiatives that tackle community challenges and strengthen the quality of life of the region.

Where to Start

Guide to Giving

For Individuals and Families

We care about our homes, our communities, the places we have lived, worked and raised a family. Many of us want to find a way to give back to these places. As you embark on your giving journey, our dedicated team will help you explore your personal reasons and motivations for being philanthropic.

Guide to Giving

For Charitable Organizations

For charitable organizations, securing sustainable financial resources to support the organization can be an on-going challenge. Working with SCF, charities can establish a fund to assist in providing undesignated annual income to support their charitable goals, as part of its long-term plan for creating financial stability.

Guide to Giving

For Corporate Donors

Shuswap Community Foundation can assist your organization to develop and administer a strategic giving plan that creates a measurable impact in the community. Companies can outsource their entire charitable giving program, or a particular part of it to SCF for expert management and maximum impact.

Guide to Giving

For Professional Advisors

At SCF your clients have the flexibility to shape their own charitable giving to reflect their personal goals and desires. Whether they want to address an urgent need in the community, memorialize a loved one, or help out a charity with a project, we have a giving option to help them make an impact and improve the lives of others in the community.

How a Community Foundation Works

How a Foundation Works

Why Contribute to SCF?

Community Knowledge

Community Foundations possess a deep understanding of local needs, stakeholders and opportunities.


Community Foundations are credible stewards of assets with funding and granting expertise.


Community Foundations are led by a volunteer board of directors comprised of knowledgeable community leaders.

Four Characteristics

That set Shuswap Community Foundation apart from other worthy charitable organizations


The Foundation is local; its goal is to provide residents with ways to strengthen their home community. The impact of donor dollars is evident in every aspect of community life. Foundation funds have helped provide life jackets to keep kids safe on the water, scholarships for collegebound students, support and maintain the Salmon Arm Branch of the Okanagan Regional library, ensure the ongoing care of an historic cemetery in Sunnybrae, and support numerous arts projects throughout the Shuswap.


The Foundation is a recognized and trusted organization in the Shuswap. A portion of the endowment’s earnings is earmarked for grant-making activity, but the endowment itself remains untouched and intact. Investment professionals manage the assets, professional accountants conduct audits, and annual reports offer detailed financial information to the public. Shuswap Community Foundation is here to stay. Regardless of dips in the economy, shifts in population and changes on the political landscape, the Foundation is here today… and will be here tomorrow.


The Foundation exemplifies the adage that “there is strength in numbers.” Donors with similar interests can jointly support a project or address a need that is meaningful to them. By collaborating with the Foundation they can leverage the resources to generate enthusiasm for a new program or initiate change in an old one. Past gifts have transformed …, stocked the shelves of the Shuswap Second Harvest, sponsored a program to introduce youth to the performing arts, and winterized the homes of low-income senior citizens.


The Foundation offers donors the opportunity to name funds in honor or memory of family, friends and colleagues. Donors decide how involved they want to be in the distribution of the funds that they create. Some donors place no restriction on their gifts, preferring the Foundation board to make grants that address the most pressing needs of the community. Other donors identify broad areas of interests such as the arts, education or healthcare for their gifts. Still other donors designate specific charitable organizations they want to support.

Brought to you by the 191 Community Foundations of Canada
Brought to you by the 191 Community Foundations of Canada
Community Foundations of Canada
Community Foundations of Canada