Bruce Hall was born June 22, 1950 in Revelstoke, BC, and raised on the family ranch at Hall’s Landing near Sidmouth, BC. He moved with his family to Langley in 1964, where he completed his high school education. He worked at the Surrey Nursery until 1972, when the opportunity arose to move to Salmon Arm to help build and develop the Skimikin Nursery in Tappen. Following that, Bruce worked at various jobs in the Shuswap area.

A self-taught mechanic, Bruce challenged the mechanic’s exam and obtained his certification shortly after purchasing Action Safety in 1992. He was a well-respected business owner for 21 years. A practical hardworking man who was ‘good with his hands’, Bruce could build anything and make it work. His family enjoys reminiscing about the many projects he would take on. Whenever they were camping somewhere, Bruce always left the spot in better shape than they found it, including proper outhouses!

Bruce and Trudy Hall

Trudy Hall was born December 17, 1956 and raised on a dairy farm in Mt Ida, just outside Salmon Arm, the fourth of four children. Her father, Ronald Garbutt married Evelyn Minion in May 1946. The Garbutts were a pioneer family in the valley.

For over 30 years, Trudy served on the board of R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum as the Secretary, and most recently as the Vice-President. She was passionate about contributing to preserving local history and helping younger audiences engage with and be excited about their heritage. She was thrilled with the recent development of the Children’s Museum, the Sprig of Heather Dining room & Kitchen, and the Montebello Hotel, popular sites at the park. Trudy was energized when she was connecting with people and her community. Consequently, she gave countless hours finding ways to serve her neighbors, friends, and schools. It made her happy to see the way it brought people together.

Bruce and Trudy Hall

Bruce and Trudy met in 1975, and they married in May 1977. Two children were born: Jana and Joel. Both Bruce and Trudy were always involved in whatever their kids were doing, whether coaching a sport or just being very supportive and helping however they could.

Bruce enjoyed golfing, quadding, and just generally being outdoors, puttering around on the family property making improvements, and taking the family camping. Trudy played soccer, softball, slow-pitch, and loved to curl for many years. After losing Bruce, she continued camping with family and friends, one of her favorite places to connect and unwind. She learned how to drive the motorhome, as well as the tractor so she could plow her driveway herself!

Sadly, Bruce died at the young age of 63 on September 10, 2013. Just over 9 years later, on January 15, 2023, Trudy died at the young age of 66.

Bruce and Trudy Hall

Bruce and Trudy were ‘pay it forward’ people so the Bruce Hall Memorial Endowment Fund was set up as a legacy for him. At Trudy’s death her name was added to the title of the endowment. When the fund has accumulated $10,000 the Income earned on the capital will be disbursed annually to R.J. Haney Heritage Village and Museum. Contributions to the fund in memory of Bruce and Trudy are welcome at any time.