Shuswap Community Foundation is partnering with the Government of BC’s Community Prosperity Fund to fund local projects and programs that address community needs to advance poverty reduction and social inclusion.

The Shuswap Prosperity Fund is a $25 million investment from the Government of British Columbia that advances poverty reduction and social inclusion.

What is Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion?

  • Investing in Social Inclusion – Addressing reconciliation, gender diversity
  • Improving Income Supports – Support access to healthy foods,           combating food insecurity
  • More opportunities, more jobs – protecting and supporting foreign workers, people with disabilities to find jobs
  • Expanding access to education and training – Language and skills training
  • Supporting families, children and youth – childcare, youth programming, caregiving
  • More affordable housing for more people – supporting the creation of affordable housing, action on homelessness
  • Funding can support operational expenses or project delivery
    • Operational expenses that contribute to your organizations long-term resiliency
    • Projects that address community needs

Who is eligible?

  • You support communities in British Columbia
  • You are a charity, a not-for-profit organization, or an Indigenous-serving organization
  • You have not received funding from the Lighthouse Organizations Fund, Recovery & Resilience Fund, or Level BIPOC Grants

Who is not eligible?

  • For-profit organizations Unincorporated not-for-profits
  • Recipients of Lighthouse Organizations Fund, Recovery & Resilience Fund, or Level BIPOC Grants
  • Business not-for-profit institutions – business associations, chambers of commerce, and condominium associations
  • Provincial service providers – hospitals, medical centers, schools, universities, colleges & health authorities
  • Local governments and regional districts and related organizations        

* ​SCF may require additional information from successful applicants to satisfy provincial reporting requirements

What type of projects are eligible? 

  • Enhance Access to Basic Needs: Funding for programs that improve access to essential services like food, shelter, healthcare for underserved populations.
  • Support Educational Opportunities: Educational and training programs that target low-income families and marginalized communities.
  • Promote Employment and Economic Stability: Job training and placement programs that support and assist economically disadvantaged individuals.
  • Foster Social Inclusion: Initiatives that integrate marginalized groups into the broader community through cultural, recreational, and social activities, reducing social isolation and promoting a sense of belonging.
  • Empower Vulnerable Groups: Supporting women, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals, to participate fully participate in society.
  • Develop Affordable Housing: Increasing the availability of affordable, safe, and sustainable housing, for those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  • Strengthen Community Resources: Projects undertaken by community centers, libraries, and other public spaces that foster community engagement and resource sharing.
  • Promote Sustainable Practices: Support initiatives that integrate sustainable practices in poverty reduction efforts, ensuring long-term viability and respect for the environment.

Funded by the Government of British Columbia through the Community Prosperity Fund.